Hypnosis for Anxiety and Stress

Hypnosis for Anxiety and Stress can be very useful. Hypnosis is an effective method for managing Stress and Anxiety in an uncertain world. Have you ever felt like you were going to have a heart attack? Felt like you couldn’t breath or were going to collapse? Anxiety or panic attacks are terrifying times in a sufferer’s life. You are not alone! Many people are rushed to the hospital each year with suspected heart attacks that actually turn out to be anxiety attacks as a result of stress. Anxiety can lead to a fear of being scared, which in turn leads to a vicious cycle of creating more fear and therefore more anxiety.


Hypnosis is very effective in treating these problems. Stress and anxiety reactions are physiological as well as psychological. The trigger is psychological but the response is physiological. Anxiety can cause such distress that it interferes with a person’s ability to have a normal life. Over 30 million Americans have been diagnosed with clinical anxiety and panic disorders. General symptoms of anxiety and stress include:

• Feelings of panic, fear and hopelessness
• Uncontrollable, obsessive thoughts
• Repeated thoughts and memories of traumatic events
• Repeated behaviors, such as constant hand washing
• Sleeping problems
• Shortness of breath
• Palpitations
• Digestive problems
• Numbness or tingling in the hands or feet, coldness, sweating
• Nausea
• Muscle tension

There are different types of anxiety. Generalized Anxiety Individuals suffering from generalized anxiety disorder often irrationally anticipate tragedy. They will constantly worry about family, money, and health and even about how to get through each day.

“I developed a problem with anxiety, fears and panic attacks. I felt crippled at a time when I needed to be my best for my son, husband and work. After 5-sessions, I was free! I was a whole new person. Marc actually helped me resolve all my issues from the past and I redesigned myself to how I want to live and feel about myself. I feel great! This kind of hypnosis is permanent and the sessions are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. I fully recommend the Drucker Hypnosis Center!” *


Panic Attacks

A panic attack is a severe and overwhelming experience of anxiety that can come upon someone quite suddenly, with or without a specific trigger. In severe cases, a person having a panic attack may feel that they are going to die, or suffer a sense of terror or impending doom. It can seem like there is no way to control these feelings. Sometimes simply the thought of having a panic attack can bring on an attack. The attempt to control anxiety can itself lead to more anxiety.

When someone suffers this kind of difficulty it is not because they are being ‘dramatic’ or are ‘highly- strung’, but because the mind has created a link between a normal occurrence—stress —and a way of responding to that stress—anxiety and panic..

“After mom died my anxiety went from bad to a constant state of panic. I felt like I couldn’t breath and even eating made me sick. It felt like I was constantly having a heart attack. No one understood. Feeling hopeless, my doctor referred me to the Drucker Hypnosis Center and Marc Drucker.”
“Marc gave me a free consultation. He really understood me and talked about other’s he helped with grief and anxiety. The 5 session program changed my life. I can’t believe what we accomplished in only 5 appointments! I did most of the talking in the hypnosis. Each appointment was cathartic and I walked away feeling betterI was living my life again. I am able to exist peacefully” *


Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is defined by extreme anxiety and discomfort in social situations. Fear of being around other people, having to interact with them and being judged negatively by them are the common signs of social anxiety. Also, social anxiety can center on a fear of behaving in a way that might cause embarrassment or lead to ridicule. It is often linked to poor self-esteem and childhood experiences. Social anxiety affects an estimated 10% of the population.

“My life is broken down into before hypnosis and after hypnosis. Before working with Marc I could only handle being with no more than a small group of 3. Anymore than that and I felt lost and awkward. I avoided events. After getting this issue resolved I feel comfortable with myself wherever I go and whomever I’m with. I can finally go to weddings and reunions. I’m free!” *


Post Traumatic Stress

Post Traumatic Stress is a condition that can develop following a traumatic and/or terrifying event, such as the unexpected death of a loved one, severe shock, violent crimes, rape, or witnessing of war. People often have lasting and frightening thoughts and memories of the event, causing them to stay in emotional distress.

“Thank you for all the support you gave me after my horrific car accident. As you know, I was left not only with permanent injuries, but trauma, anxiety and panic… Your interactive hypnosis program was powerful and it helped clear out my irrational fears. It gave me the clarity I needed to get back to functioning and quickly excel in all areas of my life.” *


How Does Hypnosis work for anxiety and Stress?

Hypnosis is extremely beneficial when it comes to anxiety and other emotionally rooted problems. Any trauma, negative experience, learned behaviors or fears have in inner root of establishment. Our past experiences have an impact on our subconscious mind, creating a mental “block” and creating problems on a physical level. In hypnosis you have an opportunity to gain an insight and let go of these old blocks of emotion, perhaps re-program and heal your past in a way that you have the memory without the painful emotion attached, just like having a scar reminding of the trauma but there is no more pain. Through numerous personalized hypnotic techniques you can learn to live in peace with your past, present and future.

Not only will my hypnosis for anxiety sessions help you manage anxiety in your current situation, but it will help with future anxieties as well. Your mind will become a tool that can effectively handle any situation that comes between you and utter bliss. Your subconscious mind will be able to dissociate from usual pressures and worries. You won’t become entirely stress-free, as a small amount of stress is healthy. However, you will eliminate stress that weighs you down and makes you incapable of enjoying life to its fullest.

Hypnosis is safe and natural, and is by far the quickest form of therapy for anxiety and panic disorders.
A Comparison Study:
Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions
Behavioral Therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after 5 sessions
– American Health Magazine

Hypnosis has had a long and successful history treating stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Being able to manage stress and anxiety effectively will:

• Increase your tolerance to frustration during difficult circumstances
• Give you control of racing thoughts that cause anxiety
• Help you make lifestyle changes that reduce your overall anxiety level
• Help you uncover and resolve past events that may be related
• I ncrease your energy and focus
• Allow you to enjoy recreation
• Permit you to relax and sleep better
• Let you demonstrate a reasonable sense of independence and self-reliance
• Help you adapt to change and prosper from it
• Help you to develop a sense of belonging
• Let you show friendliness, care, and love

If you suffer from anxiety, stress and panic attacks, you really can reclaim your life. Through the process of hypnosis you can accomplish your goals and live your dreams. Experience freedom… Call today to begin your new ANXIETY-FREE life.