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Its been a busy-great winter! A check in.

Hi Everyone. It’s late into the winter and things have been busy. I’ve been helping a lot of my clients release their anxiety and fears. Some of my clients are young. Some are older. All are living their lives’ on their terms and enjoying themselves. I couldn’t be happier. I’m so proud of... read more

Marc Drucker – First Time “Hypnosis Prep” – #28

Marc Drucker – First Time “Hypnosis Prep” – #28 In this Podcast we discuss how Hypnosis is like ordering a pizza.  Tell me what you DO want in your life. Stay positive. Know what you WANT! Better results are achieved when you are prepared and know what you want from your hypnosis... read more


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOUR FIRST HYPNOSIS SESSION   In this newsletter, I review what you need to know before your first Hypnosis Session. You need to know what you want. For example; you want to be happy, brave, confident, calm.  These are just a few examples.  What you don’t want to do is mention anything negative. Stay positive for the best results. This is a really good newsletter for anyone thinking about improving their life with Hypnosis.                                                  Drucker Hypnosis Center                                                            352 77th Street                                                     Btwn 3rd and 4th Avenue                                                         Brooklyn, NY 11209                                                            347-470-8262... read more

Mid September 2016 Newsletter: THE GREAT MISERY HOAX

THE GREAT MISERY HOAX In this newsletter I discuss how people can fall into a rut of misery and settle for it.  You don’t have to settle for The Great Misery Hoax! It is unnecessary, illness causing stress. We don’t need to be unhappy with our lives.  We have the power to turn it around and this can be done with hypnosis. My 5-Session Interactive Hypnosis Program has helped many people achieve the happy life they want. So if you want to turn things around, contact me so we can make a plan for you. Drucker Hypnosis Center... read more

Preparing for your “Difficult People” – #27

Marc Drucker – Preparing for your “Difficult People” – #27 Listen to Marc Drucker’s Podcast #27 to learn more about how to handle difficult people in the workplace and everywhere. Marc, Sweet Melissa and Producer Pete discuss how to deal with these difficult people a/k/a “bullies” in this latest podcast. Make the best of it because the problem is that of the bully. Communicate because negativity is wasted energy. After they blow off their steam, you can attempt to speak to the bully. Try a different response to the difficult people such as speak slower and more softly to them. Being louder doesn’t make them right. Usually their childish display of behavior is because that’s the only way they know to be. It’s their problem, not yours.  If you’re lucky, they will realize this. Most of the time they don’t.... read more

Preparing for your first Hypnosis Session – #26

In this podcast you will learn how to prepare for your first hypnosis session. You need to know what you are looking for and how you want to feel.  What improvements do you wish to accomplish? Hypnosis helps you replace bad thoughts with calming peaceful thoughts.  By bad thoughts, I mean thoughts that keep you from enjoying life like you should. Hypnosis is like “Yoga for the Mind”.  It takes you to a calmer level of consciousness by listening to Marc’s peaceful directions. Enjoy this podcast! Give me, Marc Drucker, a call 347-470-8262 or stop by www.mdhypno.com for more information about my Unique 5-Session Hypnosis Program.  I would love to help you with whatever is concerning... read more

August 25, 2016 Newsletter: HYPNOSIS ONLY SEEMS LIKE “MAGIC”

HYPNOSIS ONLY SEEMS LIKE “MAGIC” Please enjoy my End of August Newsletter where I  explain a little about Hypnosis. Although it seems like magic, it’s not. But hypnosis works pretty good for the issues that most of us are afflicted with such as anxiety, fears, phobias, panic attacks, PTSD, low self-esteem, bad habits, motivation, sleep, weight and more.  Just like anything else, you have to do your part too.  Together we can eliminate these issues so you can enjoy life the way you... read more

Back to School Hypnosis

Back to School Hypnosis Back to school shopping is in full force. In addition to parents buying their kid’s notebooks and clothes, I’m also seeing a spike in new clients who are children and teens. Most of the kids are coming to see me preemptively to deal with Stress, Anxiety and Low Self-Esteem. What do my clients intrinsically learn? They learn the secret to happiness. The secret is to be themselves and be kind to others. First, being yourself is crucial to happiness and social acceptance. Everyone wants to be perceived as cool. The only way to be cool is too be true to yourself. Doing the things, wearing the things, and listening to the music you like is good. When we fake who we are, everyone will eventually identify a fraud. When I’m myself, people usually like me. When they don’t like me I don’t get offended. I don’t need to be everyone’s cup of tea. When someone doesn’t like me, it’s one less person I need to please. Why now? People are bringing their children for my 5-Session Interactive Hypnosis Program because they want to start school off on the right foot. Kids who feel bad about themselves can often make bad decision that can destroy a good life. Children and teens want to be... read more


In my latest newsletter I discuss how to deal with difficult people in your workplace. Sometimes changing how you see something and how you react can improve a situation. Yes, there are bossy people in the workplace but we will encounter them outside of the work place too. They are everywhere. Learning how to interact with people like this is important to our frame of mind and our continued search for less stressful lives. Stress is bad for our health and wellbeing. Please read my latest newsletter with my suggestions of how to handle the difficult people in your... read more

Techniques for Dealing with Anxiety

KICK ANXIETY TO THE CURB When David first came to see me his social anxiety was affecting nearly every aspect of his life. For example, he wanted to propose to his long-time girlfriend, but was avoiding it because the thought of being the center of attention at the wedding was just too much for him. Yet one-on-one, David’s anxieties disappeared and he was confident, well-spoken and fun. Sound familiar? Perhaps similar things play out in your life. There are proven techniques for reducing anxieties In many ways anxieties are like small fires that needs oxygen to breathe and grow. There are proven techniques for cutting off that “oxygen” supply, and extinguishing the fire before it grows. This includes: Just saying no. When you feel your anxiety being triggered, reject the thought. Assure yourself that you are, indeed, okay. Pretend that your anxiety is a door-to-door salesman selling something that you don’t want. Politely say, “Sorry. Not interested. Try somebody else.” And then mentally “close the door” and move on. Living in the moment. Stop all the “what ifs” and focus on the now – especially all of the good things happening in your life. Focusing on your breathing. When you feel your anxiety coming on, stop. Loosen your chest and do some deep breathing. Every time you exhale, imagine that your body is becoming more relaxed. Hypnosis can implant these technique in your subconscious mind. Then, regular practice will condition you to shut anxieties down quickly. And what about David? By the third session of my unique 5-session hypnosis program David had made huge strides! He was ready to... read more